Location & Transport

Thornleigh West Public School
Giblet Avenue,
Thornleigh NSW 2120
[about 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes walk down Yarrara Road and Goodlands Avenue].
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The School can be reached by the following public transport:
For the Train line to the Hindi School:
Hornsby Line via Strathfield: Alight at Thornleigh Station, then walk down down Yarrara Road and Goodlands Avenue.

Mrs Mala Mehta, 0412 283 677 / 02 9481 9105

Secretary P&C
Mr Vipin Virmani, 0419 636 161

Assistant Secretary P&C
Ms Preeti Thadani, 0402 034 959

Assistant Co-ordinator
Mrs Shanta Viswananthan, 02 9487 4227

General Inquiries
Email us or 0412 283 677

Registered Office:
Indo-Australian Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya-Hindi School Inc
8 Brigalow Place
Westleigh NSW 2120
Tel: +61 2 9481 9105 Fax: +61 2 9484 0707

This is a convenient summary of various commonly-asked questions about The IABBV Hindi School. The answers can also be found over the various pages on our Web Site, www.iabbv-hindischool.com.

Who are we?

The Indo-Aust Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya-Hindi School Inc. has come a long way from the heady days of 1987 when it started with its humble motive of culture preservation through the promotion of the Hindi Language. Undaunting mothers became teachers. We were fortunate that some had been school teachers in India. We had the strong support of Mr. Ian Thiering, the then Principal of Thornleigh West Public School, who allowed us the use of the school's classrooms. The Indo-Aust cultural Society became our umbrella Organisation. The school and was started in June '87 and pioneered Hindi in NSW. We were also encouraged by the then Consul General of India, Mr. VB Soni, who presented the school with a number of Hindi books. It was and still is run as a non-profit organization funded by some grants from the NSW DEC Community Languages Program.

We are volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, together, we run the Hindi School with a total student enrolment of over 110 students each year over more than 12 classes. We also run Adult classes.

The School is now an incorporated body and over the years it has grown along the guidelines of the Community Languages Program. Children are assessed for proficiency and placed at suitable levels. It has also received greater emphasis with the recognition of Hindi Continuers as a 2 unit subject for the HSC. We have been outside tutors for 2 Unit Hindi Continuers since 1997.

In 2007, through the efforts put in by Mala Mehta, OAM, Coordinator, IABBV Hindi School in Thornleigh and thanks to the active lobbying since last year by Mr. Neville Roach AO and Dr Mani Senthil, definitive action was taken by Mr. Andrew Cappiewood, Former Director General Education, and the subject of Hindi was introduced into the Saturday School of Community Languages - SSCL.

A NSW Department of Education and Training Secondary Schools initiative that offers language courses to students wishing to study their own language. Hindi is now offered as a Board Endorsed Stage 5 Course for accreditation of 100 - 200 hours towards the School Certificate for yrs 7 - 10 as well as 240 hours towards the 2-Unit Hindi Continuers for yr 11 - 12. The First centre opened on the 17 March 07 at Liverpool GHS and the second centre opened in Feb 08 at the Hills Sports HS in Seven Hills.

Efforts are ongoing for Hindi to be introduced in Primary and Secondary Schools in the regular timetable. This will make Hindi even more accessible to young learners across the state.

Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to promote the learning of Hindi and knowledge of Indian culture. We feel that preserving the language and culture of Hindi-speaking Australians will provide the self-confidence and an environment promoting respect for others and an appreciation of the Australian multi cultural heritage.

School Objectives :
  • 1) To develop in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes required in key learning areas of the Hindi language - Reading, Writing, Listening and Spoken Skills - to enhance their quality of life and contribution to society.
  • 2) To foster parent and community participation in this school.
  • 3) To ensure effective teaching and learning by developing skilled and committed staff to meet the needs of students and the changing needs of the education system.
  • 4) To develop respect for others and an appreciation for Australia's multicultural heritage

Who does The Hindi School cater for?

We provide Hindi-language classes for both school-going students and adults(ages 5 and up). There is no religious instruction of any kind, and the School is open to all school-going children & Adults wishing to learn Hindi as a second language. We have more than 140 students in more than 13 classes.

Which syllabus do we follow?

For Stages 1-5 we follow the K-10 Generic syllabus and for stage 5-6 2-unit Hindi Continuers. We follow the Hindi Continuers syllabus set by the NSW Board of Studies.

Where do our teachers come from?

Our teachers come mostly from Australia of Indian origin. All are graduates; a number have post-graduate qualifications and are qualified to teach Hindi as a second language in Australia.

If you would like to teach, please register with us. We have vacancies from time to time for suitably-qualified teachers.

When do we carry out registration for new students?

The registration exercise is carried out once a year, in January, for all levels. Admissions are taken thru the year for those who may have missed out.

Please bring along a Passport size photograph of your child as well as a report if he/she has studied the language previously.

What are our school terms and school hours?

School hours are 09.30 am to 12.00 pm every Sunday as per Day school Terms.

School terms run from February to April, April to July, July to September and October to November. There are three breaks of 2 weeks in April/July/September and about 8 weeks in December/January.

Do we provide private tuition after school hours?

Yes. Please contact any of the teachers in the Hindi School if your child is already enrolled, otherwise contact us for an updated list of Hindi tutors.

Where are we located?

Thornleigh West Public School, Giblet Avenue, Thornleigh NSW 2120 about 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes walk down Yarrara Road and Goodlands Avenue.

Here's a location Map courtesy of Google maps.

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