Our Present IABBV Teachers are: Mrs. Mala Mehta OAM (Hon), Mrs. Neerja Badhwar, Mrs. Kusum Chaudhry, Mrs.Sunita Anand, Mrs. Pushpa Saini, Mrs. Rekha Rajvanshi, Mrs. Savita Gupta, Mrs. Anita Bassi, Mrs. Kulvinder Kaur, Mrs. Alka Sood, Mrs Madhu Arora, Mrs. Chhaya Gulati, Mrs Ritika Walia, Mr. Vinod Rajput, Mrs Manisha Virmani, Mrs Ekta Chanana, Mrs Darshan Behl, Mrs Bijinder Dugal, Mrs Taran Sahdeva, Mrs Ruchira Virmani, Mrs Dipti Jani, Ms Niki Kathuria and Mr. Jagdish Chaudhry (Yoga).


Volunteer Teachers & Parents: Mr. Jagdish Chawla, Mrs. Archana Chaudhry, Mrs. Shanta Viswanathan, Mr Rakesh Kaul, Mrs. Sadhna Risbud, Mr Vipin Virmani, Mr. Peter Chandra, Ms Seema Negi, Mr Kamlesh Chaudhry, Mrs Radhika Mathur, Ms Sandhya Sunil & Mr. Glen Pareira.


IABBV P&C Association

Mr Sanjiv Garga, Mr Shashi Baranwal 2007-2010, Mrs Neelam Nagrath 2004-2006 & Mr Sanjeev Sharma 1999-2003

Other Teachers who have & continue to assist us: Ms Nikeeta Mohan, Ms Preeti Chugh, Ms Alisha Mohan, Mrs Pauline Egbert, Mrs. Asha Sareen, Mrs. Deepa Langham, Mrs. Ritu Sodhi, Mrs. Shobha Sharma, Mrs Jyoti Khanna, Mrs. Monica Sharma, Mrs. Raj Sinha, Mrs. Radhika Mathur , Ms. Ragini Rachwani, Mrs. Vandana Maharaj, Mrs. Bala Bagga, Mrs Neena Sahgal, Mrs. Vanita Lal, Mrs.Amarinder Singh, Mrs. Ritu Kumar, Mrs. Shashi Sharma, Mrs. Meenakshi Sethi, Mrs. Manjit Kaul, Mrs. Bharti Dhanrajani, Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan, Mrs. Harleen Kaur, & Mrs. Harpreet Guraya, Mrs. Ritika Dhawan, Mrs. Meena, Mrs. Bharati Dhanrajani, Mrs. Krishna Chandra, Mr. Rajesh Batra, Mr. Sishu Sharma & Mrs. Renu Renu.

Our Inaugural Teachers were:  Mrs. Daulat Singhi, Mrs. Saroj Paul, Mrs. Shanta Viswanathan, Mrs. Daulat Singhi, Mrs. Alka Aggarwal; Mrs. Sandhya Aggarwal, Mrs. Santosh Mehta, Mrs. Neerja Badhwar, Mrs. Kusum Chaudhry, Mrs. Lata Modi, Mrs. Mala Mehta & Mrs.Alka Marwaha.


IABBV Alumini: One of the greatest strengths of the IABBV School, through its 23-year journey, is in its alumni. They are an extremely tightly knit group and have made a sincere effort over the years, to contribute to the school’s objective of giving something back to the wider community in Australia that is now our home.

Ex-students too are deeply appreciative of the role “The Hindi School” (as it is affectionately referred to by them) has played in helping them retain their native language as well as providing an environment that facilitates the development of all-round skills including drama, dance, art and sports. They never shy away from helping out when the need arises.

In the past, Gurkeerat has always volunteered to play the tabla at the annual “Bal Divas”. In 2007 he was accompanied by his younger sister, Gurkiran. Preeti has happily choreographed innumerable dance items and fashion shows, spending long hours rehearsing to achieve perfect synchronisation.  Ajay, Arti, Devang, Nishta, Savita and Dhruv have strutted their stuff at our fashion shows, to the beat of Saurabh playing DJ.

Despite being a local icon, Ankita has graciously lent her beautiful voice to many musical performances at Bal Divas functions as well as other community events supported by IABBV. Among these was the Inter-Faith Prayer meeting at Parliament house in Jan 2009 where Ankita and Anshula both sang Gandhi Bhajans. In 2006, Abhishek, Saheba, Sakshi, Dhruv, Raakhi and Rubal toiled for days to help make the Asia-Pacific Hindi conference a grand success.

Giles, Sulabh, Abhishek Sakshi, Cheshta, Aakash Gulati, Aakash Tolani, Rahil and Mike never hesitate to help in spreading the good word and awareness about their school.  Be it by attending Lions Club gatherings, assisting the AIBC, assisting with Bal Divas Concert or reciting Poems at a Kavi Sammelan (Poetry recital). Most recently Abhishek and Sakshi lent a helping hand to prepare students for the Hindi Oratory Competition. 

One cannot forget Kush, with a badly sprained foot, staying up all night designing a cover for the school brochure. Or, Arjun recording music for a school play. Astha, Jojo and Johnny for always being ready to perform, be it a school function or the Xmas Parade. Not forgetting Adrienne with her offer of free tickets for the latest Bollywood movies.


Our Thanks to: All our Teachers, Parents and our Sponsors for their commitment and help. Some of our other volunteers include Krishan Anand, Darshak Mehta, Rajesh Virmani, Pawan Luthra, Hardeep Sodhi, Prashant Risbud, Kamal Saini, Jagdeep Sahdeva, Sudeep Sahdeva, Deepak Vij, Percy Vij, Neil Gordon, Duke Ramchandran, Neeta Bajaj, Kavita Nandan, Kamlesh Chaudhry, Rajiv Nagrath, Shruti Madan, Giani Gurjeet Singh, Allan Fernandes, Amrita & Ralph Paligaru, Madan Lepcha, Satpal & Navneet Choujar, Monica Gupta for donating a TV/Video, Ritu Tandon (costumes), Shabari Kashyap, Inder, Vimal, Roma Syal, Arjun & Kiran Malhotra, Reetika, Nina & Pammi Puri &  Anju Dhar for organising Hindi School text books from India and Homaxi Irani for putting the logo together!!


Our school Logo was designed by Miss Prerna Badhwar and Miss Rohini Mehta (Winners of the Logo Competition in June 1987).

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